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Super Easy CMS

The CMS that this page is created with, the system got alot of functionalities.

  • Runs on ASP.Net and MySQL (Most cheap web hotels support that).
  • Supports multi level menus.
  • Is SEO correct.
  • Auto Generated Sitemap
  • Is W3 Validated.
  • Supports various google elements like Adwords and Analytics.

The background of the CMS is that i know a lot of people who wants an easy website that takes no time to make and is super easy to use. I have thought about a lot of potential upgrades to the CMS - but only selected the ones that keeps the website simple. Thouth i have a stable version now - i have planned for upgrades (Still following the simple concept)


  • Migrate Editor to a new edition. Pushed forward as the new text editor don't support Asp.Net yet.
  • Implement easy updating. On site editing. (After migration)
  • Fix picture upload. (After migration)


  • Implement automatic error log.
  • Make it posible to activate advanced settigns:
    • Onsite CSS editor. (Makes it posible to change design directly on the site)
    • Onsite Header editor. (Makes it posible to add java script and meta tags on the site)
    • Onsite Error Log. (So you can see if anything happened)

Completet tasks

  • Implement mouse over help files from test project.
  • Make a print site button.


We have now investigated this matter and figured out that it is posible to create modules. (Had success with a redirect module). When time comes this will be further developed.

We are currently investigating the posibility to make modules for this setup. If it is posible i will release a few simple modules along with an API for building so people would be able to make own modules for the CMS.


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