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ZXing Barcode Scanner AndroidBarcode Scanner is a simple application that does exactly what it's name applies. It scans barcodes. A very brilliant application in cooperation with other applications like Google shopper or's application.

You basicly scans a barcode on a product, the application automaticly scans the internet, finding a product for you, or with it scan's it own library finding the product and giving you a price match, offering you the cheapest product.

It also offers a lot of fun, checking out possibilities around the net, scanning everything you come across. Example: the user heatX have a barcode reading:

> take that iphone! (heatX @ android community)

Try scan it yourself.

Though the application is a lot of fun. And an easy way to find, or remember (as it offers possibility to e-mail the barcode info) books movies ect. In a fast east way, it rarely find the product you scan, and sometimes you even get the wrong product. So actually downloading the application to find product's on internet shopping isn't worth it. But to download the program to use in work or for fun.


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